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​​​​For the real chilliheads out there we are very proud to bring you our now famous "Hot-Headz Hot Wing Challenge" and the ultimate test of bravery, the "Reading Chilli Festival's Chilli Eating Competition"!

​We are very proud to have the wonderful Clifton Chilli Club introduce and run the eating challenges this year!

The hot wing challenge will really test your endurance and tastebuds! Seven super hot chicken wings, doused in the hottest wing sauce in the UK, and quite possibly the world, all to be eaten in 5 minutes. After which an additional 5 minutes "burn time" will count down in which you can't touch some ice cold, pain relieving milk! Complete the test to win an exclusive and sought after winner's T-Shirt! Entrees will be limited, so if you are brave enough to enter, please go to the contact us page to register. Entry fee is £10 with all profits donated to charity.

The Chilli Eating competition is the ultimate test for any chillihead! Competitors will eat, in turn, up to 10 varieties of chilli pepper, each one hotter than the previous! Chillies will range from the somewhat mild Jalepeno to the mind bending Carolina Reaper (should anyone get that far!)

Entries to the chilli eating competition are limited to just ten competitors. If you are brave enough to take on the ultimate chilli challenge, then head over to the contact us page and register. Entry fee is £10. Last person standing will win £50 cash. All profits will be donated to charity.